Nightly Gatherings unveils ultra cinematic single "Up All Night"

Californian producer Connor Johnson (aka Nightly Gatherings) has unveiled his ultra cinematic single "Up All Night". As the track suggests it's a track that has an abundance of night-time-related elements, from the chirping birds and rusting of insects to the smooth and perfectly captured violin strings.

The first vocal we hear is a spoken-word piece followed by effect-laden vocals that send you to a dream-land. Once the track really kicks itself into gear and picks up the pace all of those aforementioned elements combine to create a rather atmospheric piece of art.

If you're a fan of Mura Masa then Nightly Gatherings' latest track will be the perfect thing for you, it really is one of the most beautiful tracks we've heard recently, and if you need something to start a dreamy/night playlist on Spotify then this is the perfect candidate for it.

So hurry on over and listen to "Up All Night" before it gets viral.