Regressive Left reveal new single "Take The Hit"

Bedford and Luton based Regressive Left have revealed their brand new single "Take The Hit". The trio have been friends since childhood and all been performing in bands in and around their local area - kudos to you if you recognise them.

The trio has had love shone on them by the likes of Rough Trade, So Young, HERO, DIY, The Most Radicalist, and Matt Wilkinson at Beats 1. The new track is the first of 2021 and the alt-pop cut is certainly a vibrant track that stands out.

Speaking about the single the band mentions - " ... "Take The Hit" is about how neoliberalism acts as a shield for irresponsible politicians and greedy profiteers – as we try to disentangle the complex web of capitalism to find the spider at its heart, we end up instead blaming the countless flies that have been trapped along the way."