Shayla McDaniel shares upbeat new single "Let Me Breathe (How to Break Our Hearts)"

Hailing from Texas Shayla McDaniel has shared her upbeat new single "Let Me Breathe (How to Break Our Hearts)", which is her third single of an impressive 2021.

The singer-songwriter has been releasing music since 2018 when her debut single "Arms" was released, and with the latest offering, it sounds like she's really found her sound.

The single has plenty of delightful guitar tones ticking away, a driving drumbeat encompasses the tune with her anthemic vocals helping to project the track into your ears. 

There's so much drive behind the track and a standout element for me would be the horns heard in the background of the track. With a splash of indie-rock guitars and plenty of pop sensibilities, Shayla has created a track that you can easily find yourself revisiting time and again.