The Routine reveal second ever single "Come Knocking At My Bedroom Door"

Cambridge quartet The Routine has recently revealed the follow-up to their debut track "Too Many Times". The new cut comes in the form of "Come Knocking At My Bedroom Door", a slightly relaxed track compared to their rushing debut.

Powerful vocals that captivate you from the outset, combine that with warm and bright guitar tones that can make any day have a glimmer of sunshine about it. The chorus is very reminiscent of post-2007 Biffy Clyro and Feeder, especially with the vocal melodies and the driving backline.

What the Cambridge band has managed to do here is create a long-lasting impression with the listener, the bright undertone of the track really projects it into the ears of whoever is listening. It really does sound like Cambridge once again as a quartet to be proud of.