Vibi shares her debut single "Fallback Girl"

Newcomer to the scene, Vibi, has today shared her debut single "Fallback Girl" which sounds so polished it could quite easily be a Billie Eilish sounding track, but with much more instrumentation.

One thing is clear from the outset, the Canadian know's how to write a tune as the debut single has some slapping basslines, interesting instrumentation in the background, and crunchy guitars.

Vibi's debut single is a whirlwind of textures, commanding vocals and has everything we could ever ask for in a dark-pop track.

Her vocals on "Fallback Girl" sound just so smooth, moody, and delicate at the same time. It's wonderful to hear a singer-songwriter who isn't afraid of mixing it up, especially on her debut releaase. 

There are a lot of comparisons drawn against Au/Ra and Vibi, with both artists having a dominating vocal that really captures the listeners' attention. The debut single is simply put like this, it's a whirlwind of textures, commanding vocals, and has everything we could ever ask for in a dark-pop track.

"Fallback Girl" is backed up with a very eye-pleasing visual in the form of an anime-style lyric video, and the single was written on the back of a break-up and during the time she was trying to heal, just as the ex was trying to return back into their life.

The debut single will also be on her debut EP, titled "Pretty Girl With a Broken Hear" it should be dropping later on this year. But before that why not subscribe to her socials as you're not going to want to miss it!