YVA unveils ethereal new single "Missing Me"

London based Geordie singer-songwriter YVA has unveiled her ethereal new single "Missing Me", which acts as the second release of 2021 from the artist. The track is incredibly cinematic, which could easily give Billie Eilish's "when the party's over" a run for its money.

Plenty of reverb on the vocals that help to project it into the upper atmosphere, and honestly I swear these vocals were touch by angels they're so perfect, even when she's reaching for the upper notes they're flawless.

Having had her debut track already smash through the one million stream mark I'm sure it will not be too long until "Missing Me" reaches the same level. The new track will also be a part of her new EP which was written, produced, recorded, and mixed all in 2020 (the year we want to forget).