Kye Kepler shares psychedelic debut single, "Sinner"

Kye Kepler has burst onto the scene quite frankly, with his psychedelic debut, "Sinner". There's not a huge amount of info on the singer-songwriter/producer, but Kye Kepler (real name Max Borglowe) is from Sweden and is a part of the latest wave of indie-pop-based acts coming from the Scandinavian country.

From what we can tell from the debut track is that Max loves to create highly produced pieces of psychedelic music art, and has got us hooked from the first play. The intro has some rain noises and warm guitar tones, once the track evolves a bit more we have a smooth bassline and sparkling chimes that would not sound out of place on a pop tune from the 90s era.

With influences ranging from M83 and Tame Impala it sounds like Max is using them to full effect, and as a debut release goes this is one heck of an intro. So be sure to follow Kye Kepler on the platforms, more smooth tunes are surely coming!