Old Swing shares anthemic new pop cut, "Bruised"

London indie-pop outfit Old Swing has shared his rather anthemic new pop cut "Bruised", which follows on from his 2020 single "Stuck". Coming in at a 'play it again now' friendly three minutes long the tune kicks things off with shimmering guitar lines bathed in sunshine. You're given the thought that he has been influenced by possibly Fickle Friends perhaps, and you're right as it's one of his main influences, along with LANY and The 1975.

The single sounds like it's got its instrumentation lifted right out of the early '90s, however, with the underlying drive of modern pop music and anthemic hooks dotted all over the place. If this is the first track you've heard of his then it will most definitely not be the last, so be sure to follow him on the socials to keep up to date with his musings (and head to Spotify for more of his tunes).

Speaking about the song Lewis (aka Old Swing) says - " ... "Bruised" is about all ‘getting over it’ that recovery process which everyone goes through after a volatile relationship ending and putting belief in time being the best healer. As always I wanted it to be as upbeat and as catchy as possible whilst addressing something that can be a bit of a sad topic. I write happy songs for sad people!"