Kin Crew drops hook filled track, "Feels Good"

Canada has and always be a home for the punk scene, with the early '00s having some big names come out of the scene in the world's second-biggest nation. "Feels Good" is a self-describing track, yes, it's one of those feel-good tracks that plenty of hooks, enough to shake a stick at - as we say here in the UK.

With well over 10 MILLION streams on Spotify this dup is not getting complacent, as you can hear this is a short but sweet punk-rock anthem for the 2020s. It acts as a massive teaser for their upcoming EP, "I Swear I'm Okay", which is due out later on this year. 

Even though it comes in at just over two minutes it is filled with bouncy drum fills, thick basslines to jump to, and guitar lines to bop your head to in the pit. Kin Crew has a Summer-ready anthem on their hands, so why not add it to your playlists - be warned though, listening to this while driving may cause you to put your foot down!