Avresa reveals upbeat new tune, "Are You Happy?"

Sydney-based act Avresa reveals an upbeat new tune, "Are You Happy?", which considering the title of the track is rather funny, as it's a track about asking if you're happy or not.

Speaking about the origin of the track Avresa mentions that it was a track recorded in isolation, going on to say "It’s about living vicariously via social media, the impacts on our mental health and the rose-tinted presumptions we easily make about other people’s lives."

"Are You Happy?" is a rushing track that really is the ground running, with the rushing torrent of guitars and drums coming just after 30 seconds. The breakdown after the choruses are just awesome too, they remind me of The Courteeners in their prime, but with a bit more oomph. I can certainly see this track elevating Avresa even further, as as we always seem to mention - Australia really has some amazing talent as Avresa is certainly up there with them!