Rosellas return with punchy new single, "Before The Storm"

Rosellas have returned with their punchy new single, "Before The Storm". The single acts as their third release of 2021, and with all of the previous singles being backed up by some b-sides this new release continues the trend.

Regarding the a-side of the single, it's a lengthy five-and-a-half-minute dive into everything this band stands for. We've got huge stadium guitars from the get-go, drums that'll make any drummer salivate at the mouth, and anthemic vocals wrapping it all up like a sweet candy bar.

We've been a fan of theirs for a while now, and after listening to "Before The Storm" we have to concede that Rosellas are one of the best new bands right now in Manchester. They're capturing the buzz and hype of Oasis, the sounds of fellow Mancs - The Stone Roses - and are making their own sound that's starting to get them a loyal following of listeners.

With the opening track on the release being so sonically stunning, you think it might be a tall order for the following tracks. Nah. "Sometimes Always" has a slight demo feel about it, maybe becuase of it's tenderness and raw vocals, but it's more of a slow jam that shows the more somber side of the band. The last song is an acoustic version of their previous single, "Common Ground", once again showcasing the outfit in another light. 

All in all, you NEED to listen to Rosellas before they end up headlining festival stages all over the UK.