Third Lung unveils anthemic new single, "What Is A Life?"

Reading outfit Third Lung have recently dropped their captivating new single, "What Is A Life?", and right from the start of the tune, you'll be hooked. But before we get into the juicy goodness, the band is a rising act in their hometown of Reading, arguably being one of the best new acts to come out of there since Sundara Karma.

As you might hear from the start of the track, there's a massive comparision made against The Temper Trap, especially when you combine the vocals and the tumbling guitar riff. There's also a big U2 style chorus giving you that vibe that this band is aiming for huge things.

With a festival they've created on their own and barrels of praise already from music zines to national radio it honestly sounds like they're about to explode onto a wider scene. "What Is A Life?" is one of those tracks you'll always be pleased to be listening to.