Zed, The Dreamer releases captivating new single, "Honour & Pride"

Based out of London Zed, The Dreamer has released his infectious and captivating new single, "Honour & Pride". Zé Pedro Viveiros' (aka Zed, The Dreamer) vocals welcome you into the song and from the first few seconds you're hooked, the guitar sounds like it's taken right out of a Ben Howard track and helps to showcase his pure talent. 

Picture by - Konrad Knap

The single is the Portuguese singer-songwriter's second-ever, but whilst listening to the single you'd have thought that he's one of the very best the world has to offer. "Honour & Pride" sounds like the perfect blend of tender indie guitar tones, soft backing vocals you expect to find in a folk track with the production values of a soaring pop song. 

The single is intimate and immersive, expect to play this track over and over again like I did - it's just beautiful from the very first second right until the end.