Adosa Gray drops latest single "FIRE"

 Adosa Gray has today dropped her latest single "FIRE", the single leads on from previous efforts "Someone" and "Exes" which saw the Scottish singer-songwriter get those all-important first plays and new fans. As before these singles, she was a new artist in the world of music.

Fast forwards to today and her latest single "FIRE" sounds like it might be the track that'll get her recognised a whole lot more. With some smooth keys and synths laid upon her crisp vocals the track hooked me in from the start, and as it evolves you get a taste of acoustic guitar and a vibe that reminds me of Kygos early work mixed in with more contemporary artists such as Maggie Rogers.

There's certainly a sense of dance buried within this track, with the perfect remix this could easily be a summer jam that the clubs will get giddy over. But back to the track in front of us, her vocals are the best thing about the track, without a doubt. 

Speaking about the track the Dundee singer-songwriter mentions - " ... "Fire" encapsulates the story of a break up after using tinder and the fear of opening up again after a match resulted in heartbreak."

As we read in her press release, she is currently undiscovered, but with this track, now out in the world, I'm sure there will be plenty more following her work by the end of the year!