Joel Borton gets retro with new single, "Polaroids"

Hailing from Cincinnati in Ohio, USA, Joel Borton has released his retro-sounding new single, "Polaroids", which sounds like it would be perfect in a Stranger Things OST. Originally from the USA, his music journey started back when he lived in England when he was writing, but he only started recording when he returned to the USA. 

His vocals remind me slightly of The Killers' Brandon Flowers - which I know he wouldn't mind - mixed in with 80's charm, and that sounds like what he has in abundance. The force is strong with the 1980s sound here, there are some thick basslines, crispy guitar elements layered upon another, and effect-washed vocals.

Speaking about the song, Borton mentions - "This song is about the end of my marriage. When we were dating, my wife had used $30 worth of polaroid film I had purchased for myself to take sexy pictures and gave them to me. It was a deeply intimate gesture and I kept them for years hidden away. Years later, I could not find them, and I realized she had taken them back and destroyed them. a few months later she asked for a divorce. This song tells that story and focuses on my early frustration in her using something I had bought for myself, and realizing in the larger picture, it was a petty thing to be upset about."

Joel Borton manages to create an upbeat track with a rather sad undertone, but with his talent shining through for all to hear. If you like your throwback sounding Alt-Rock/Pop then this new track is something you'll love.