Kevin Walkman reveals bouncy new tune "it's alright :)"

Coming right out of Philadelphia in the USA is Kevin Walkman, the singer-songwriter has recently revealed his incredibly bouncy new tune "it's alright :)".

The vibe we're getting from this is very Dan Croll, it's a mixture of sugary-pop hooks with bouncy lo-fi guitar tones giving you that feel-good vibe. It's been well over a year since Walkman has dropped a tune and by the sound of it, this was worth the wait.

Speaking about the tune he says - " ... "its alright :)" is a thank you note to Walkman's college roommates and core friend group, who got him out of a muddy and dark place after a breakup. Walkman, dealing with an emotionally abusive post-breakup, relied heavily on his friends to remind him not to go back to a person who could do such harm, and gets to a point mentally where he's happy to be single, and 'alright' after all."

It's an infectious sugary indie-pop gem with some dreamy elements and smooth vocals. It's no wonder his local college radio station loves his work, it's highly addictive, give it a spin below!