Simon Ocean shares vibrant new track, "Secrets"

Miami's Simon Ocean has recently shared his vibrant new track, "Secrets". As the track kicks off you can instantly tell it's going to vibe with you, from the smooth vocal lines to the electronic beats, it's like they've been kissed by a coconut they're so tropical.

It's been a tough start to his music career as before he was 18 his parents didn't accept that this is what he wanted to do, so he turned to write music for other artists. which is a shame as this new track is fantastic. Imagine if he had been releasing music for a good few years before this, he'd have so many followers. But I digress, he's here now and he's released this fantastic slice of pop music.

With key influences on his style being Michael Jackson, Enrique Iglesias and Justin Timberlake there's no wonder why this is so vibrant and addictive - click play and enjoy now!