Chargr drops funky new cut, "Junk"

We love a funky guitar line now and then, and it sounds like if you're looking for one then Kettering's latest act - Chargr - has plenty for you. Lead by Charlie Wood, he is the only member of the outfit and is a result of him wanting to express himself, fast forward from when he first started the new project back in 2020 he now has an album out in the wild. However, we're here for the new stuff!

So, "Junk", it doesn't hang about as the groovy intro sets the tone of the track, with funky guitars right from clicking play. As the vocals come in they get toned down a bit with some hazy vocals. There's a slight hint of psychedelic here with some wahs here and there, effect-laden backing vocals and flange heavy hooks.

Speaking about the track, Chargr mentions - "Hidden amongst the groovy pop beats and shimmering guitars, "Junk" is about realising you are stuck and dreaming of change. It leans more into the frustration of it all rather than doing anything about it. Sometimes when you are fed up, you might as well just dance... with a bin on your head."