Kinships reveal sonic new single, "Reform"

Northampton's latest rising act has recently dropped their atmospheric new single, and the band I'm talking about is "Kinships". Their new cut is titled "Reform" and is a lesson to everyone on how to create an ethereal track with haunting elements whilst keeping the track bright and vibrant.

Personally, I've had a bit of a 'pants' few weeks, and this smooth single from the quartet has really perked me up, it's just such a beautiful track that can lead you out of the darkness. Speaking about "Reform" the band says - " ... "Reform" is a song about losing yourself, about realising that, somewhere along the way, you lost a sense of who you are and what you wanted to be. It’s a song about knowing that, acknowledging and feeling the pain of it, and starting again, trying to rebuild yourself into the person you’d hoped to be."

If you're looking for an amazing new band that isn't afraid to do deep into the experimental realms and produce quality music that can set the atmosphere alight then look no further.