Get to know Indigo FM with their sensational tune "Daffodil"

You can get to know Indigo FM and feel like you're in the mid 90's grunge scene with their sensational tune "Daffodil". The Los Angeles-based quartet has now released eight tracks this year (three of which are live versions), but the one that stands out to us is (of course) "Daffodil". 

As previously mentioned they've got a slight grunge vibe to them, with The Smashing Pumpkins sounding like a big influence on them. Indeed they have been influenced by the likes of Weezer and Brit-pop acts such as Oasis too, which you can both hear rather well.

It's an addictively catchy track with plenty of hooks, even though it may sound like a darker track to start off with, you'll soon find out that Indigo FM's latest single is a cut above the rest and will get your heart beating extra hard.