Michael Girgis releases sugary new track, "s'mores" featuring Halle on guest vocals

This time of year is perfect for S'mores and what better time for Michael Girgis to release his latest track, also named "s'mores". Much like the campfire treat this track is also filled with sugary goodness, the synths combined with his vocals just want you to have more, but the best thing is that this track has Halle on guest vocals too.

Speaking about the single Girgis mentions - " ... "s'mores" is about wanting to get out of the friend zone with someone, but little do you know, that person feels the same way. I wrote this song from a personal experience I had with my girlfriend. We both had feelings for each other, but neither of us knew. The verses of the song tell the stories of both people separately and the chorus brings their feelings together."

It's a perfect balance of vocals both from Michael and Halle, with the chorus having both of them singing in it, almost ensuring that this track will be added to your Spotify library. It's a real rush of a track, laced with high synth tones, trickles of guitar and a feel-good 80's vibe that will have you delving into his other tunes.