Red Maker drops chunky new tune, "B!tch"

Red Maker have dropped their chunky new tune recently, titled "B!tch". It's the duo's sixth song of 2021 and is heavier than their debut effort "Better In Time".

The Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based act is an anomaly to me as they're the first band from that state (that I know of) that I've properly given a listen to. Helping them stand out is the vocals, which reminds me of The Offspring's Bryan Holland once it gets to the chorus, and is a raw one at that.

With some chunky guitar and bass giving the track some oomph the chorus is out and out rock, with honest and emotive vocals being projected on the heavy instrumentation. If you're looking for a chunky guitar-based rock track then be sure to give Red Maker some of your time.