Sabrina Carmen drops dark new pop tune, "Shh I Won't Tell"

All the way from Long Beach in California we've got Sabrina Carmen's latest effort, "Shh I Won't Tell", and it's one of those tracks that captures your attention right from the outset.

Her vocals remind me of Au/Ra mixed in with a bit of Lana Del Rey, all backed up with some incredibly cinematic piano keys, whirls of synths, and plenty of orchestral elements. The build-up to the first chorus is just tantalizing, as once it explodes you're fully immersed in Sabrina's world. 

The dark-pop tune came out at the right time of year for me, the sun sets early, there's a slight cold bite in the air, and has a sense of danger about it. I'm sure if you've not heard of Sabrina Carmen before you certainly will have by the end of this captivating single.