The Cookie Jar Complot unveil their airy new single, "Sweet Dreams"

Nestled in one of Europe's smallest nations is the amazing The Cookie Jar Complot, and the band has recently unveiled their airy new single, "Sweet Dreams".
The Cookie Jar Complot is playing with Uncle Leaf at Cafe Slice, Petange on the 26th of November

Luxembourg is the home of the band and this is their third ever release, following on from "NEO" and "Cookies (intro)". Right out of the box you are fully aware that this is a Math-Rock sounding affair, and if you listen carefully you will also notice it's an instrumental.

"Sweet Dreams" sounds like all of the best Math-Rock bands moulded into one, you've got airy guitars throughout, soaring tones and thick basslines licking deep inside your ears. It's one of those tracks that evolve right before you and ends up being one heck of a groovy whirlwind. Luxembourg surprised me with it's beauty when I visited in January of 2020 but now there's another reason why I love this place - so go check out the new cut below.