The Shop Window return with fuzzy new track, "Lay of the Land"

Hailing from Maidstone in sunny Kent, The Shop Window has recently released their psychedelic new single "Lay of the Land".

The new single is a fresh cut lifted from their next album and gives a big teaser for what's to come. There's plenty of psych nods as well as New-Wave elements, especially when it comes to the combination of vocal hooks and guitar tones. It almost feels like this track has been lifted out of the late 1980s with a 2020's glaze.

It's an addictive track, primarily down to the fuzzy and swirling guitars, towards the end of the single we've got some frantic drums that keep you hooked right until the end. Maidstone has a band to be proud of here, and once this track finishes be sure to share the love with them and follow them on the socials, as their new LP might just blow you away.