ABQ releases their best track yet, listen to "Waiting For Us" before everyone else does!

Criminally underrated is not a phrase we use too often, but ABQ is one of those bands that sounds like they need to be on the big stages, playing to arenas all over the world. The London based Irish quartet have seemingly released their best track yet, with "Waiting For Us" having everything and more to offer.

There are anthemic elements everywhere here, the vocals are captivating and yet are also rather charming (I guess it's the accent), the synths in the chorus elevate it even more and the guitars give the track that grand sound associated with the likes of Coldplay, The Killers and Imagine Dragons.

"Waiting For Us" is their first release since the pandemic really took hold of the world, and with it, there's a glimmer of hope with this track showcasing that there are some truly amazing bands just waiting to emerge into the limelight.