Manon The Moon shares cinematic single, "Down Sometimes"

Hailing from the serene sounding Saint Bonnet de Mure in France we have Manon The Moon with their latest single, "Down Sometimes".

Speaking about the track Manon The Moon says "Life can sometimes be tough, to a point where one can question its own existence. My latest Folk song Down Sometimes captures this feeling when nothing seems to matter anymore."

Manon The Moon is the project of Manon Lardanchet and her partner Ramond Rutjes, with Manon on vocals it's one of the most serene and cinematic tracks we've heard for a while, and could quite easily be the best French artist we've heard in a very long time.

"Down Sometimes" is tender in all of the right places, soft vocals are backed up by crisp instrumentation that soothes your head and ensures that the listener will be back for more. It's a track I can see Manon The Moon performing in a smokey music venue on a cold winters night, something really to get cosy with.