Elison releases dreamy new single, "Hopes & Horoscopes"

Coming right out of Des Moines, Iowa in the USA we've got Elison releases dreamy new single, "Hopes & Horoscopes". The track is of course their first of the year and is their second ever release after 2021's debut cut, Meet Me Halfway". 

Much like their aforementioned debut single this track is also very dreamy with the vocals especially giving the soft guitars something to work beautifully with. There's a real force with the drums, even though they seem mixed down to make way for the dream-pop vocals and guitars, they are certainly there giving you that beat to nod your head to in agreement with.

In the latter half of the track, I had to finally admit that it's a satisfying single that is almost going to certainly get this Midwest dream-pop duo more fans. If you're a fan of Wolf Alice then I'm sure you're going to love Elison.

With a solid amount of plays on their debut single, getting playlisted from several curators and having the music to back it up, I'm sure they're going to do well this coming year. So head on down below and sink your teeth into Elison's new single "Hopes & Horoscopes".