Get dreamy with Noam Wolf's latest offering "Not Good Enough"

Tel Aviv musician Noam Wolf has recently shared her latest offering "Not Good Enough" which is such a dreamy pop track with some soft-rock guitar elements.

The single is her fourth since she started releasing music back in 2018 and sounds like her biggest cut to date, and now it's backed up with a beautiful visualiser - see below.

Speaking about the track she said - "The title is self-explanatory. I'm a perfectionist, and nothing is ever good enough for me. For years I felt like I'm not a good enough sister, daughter, friend, partner... Not a good enough musician, artist, social media player, performer. Not eating healthy enough, not fit enough, not making enough money... My body wasn't how I wanted it to be, my personality. After years in therapy, I'm at a better place and can let myself be not perfect, just me. There's no other me, now I know that. This song is about that learning process."

It's clear to see Noam Wolf is a musician that Isreal can be proud of, and being in one of the biggest cities in the country is only a good thing, as we feel like she's ready to emerge from the scene and take over people's hearts.