La Dharma reveal upbeat new single, "Do You Know Why"

Birmingham oh Birmingham, we remember the times when we'd drive from Cambridge on a weekly basis to check out rising acts from England's 'second-city', and La Dharma certainly sounds like one of those band's we'd have driven to see.

Their sound is a combination of airy synth-pop (much like INXS) mixed with Portugal. The Man and the catchy hooks of The 1975.

We just have to give a whole section to the chorus of "Do You Know Why", it's a lesson in how to create an atmosphere in a track, the vocals laced upon one another, charming guitar tones and crashing drums help create a chorus that you'll be singing along to in no time.

With backing from BBC Introducing they've found their way into several Spotify playlists, culminating with being one of the local bands that get their music played in the lead up to matches at Molineux Stadium, home to Wolverhampton Wanderers to a crowd of 31,000!

It's safe to say they're on the rise, so head down and check out their new single now.