PAGES. drop anthemic new single, "Snow"

Based out of Edinburgh in Scotland we've got PAGES. and today the outfit have dropped their anthemic new single, "Snow". "Snow" is their third ever single since launching back in 2019 and sounds like that they're reaching for not just a big name in their city, but for the nationwide arenas. 

Even though PAGES. are a trio they've mad ea track here that can fill up the darkest of spaces with indie-rock goodness. With influences from the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood and Muse it's no wonder that their music is as big as this.

Commanding vocals power "Snow" with crunching guitar tones giving the listener something to hum once the song is over. With a solid backline it sounds like they're onto a winner here, and considering this is JUST their third release... ever, they're doing pretty well for themselves.

Speaking about the track the band mentions - "We don't think we sound like anything else in Scotland at the moment. "Snow" was written in isolation last winter. The song was written from the point of view of a friend who went to prison and the harsh reality of having to enter an alternate reality away from loved ones. Solace is still found in the snow."