The NGHBRS return with smooth new single, "Important"

California's The NGHBRS have returned with a silky smooth Summer ready single, "Important", which is his first of 2022. 

The year sounds like it's going just dandy at the moment and Ryan (aka The NGHBRS) based on the intro alone. I feel that he has found a niche in the market which falls right in between Indie-Pop, Dream-Pop and Folk.

Speaking about the new single he says - " It's a song where you realize things are taking a turn with someone you’re dating. You start to realize maybe you’re just not that important to that person as you thought you were."

The organic percussion on "Important" is something to admire greatly and with the jingly shakers mixed in too, they compliment each other so well. His vocals on this single are just as tender as the previous cuts and you can easily hear some of his key influences here, such as Gracie Abrams and The Lumineers.

The NHGBRS sounds like they're just getting started, and considering this was self-produced too just adds to the vibe, Ryan's such a talented guy.