Toteles releases his debut single, "Phases"

At the back end of 2021 Toteles released his debut single, "Phases", and since then it's gone on to get close to 20k plays on Spotify - and for good reasons too! "Phases" is a downright electronic slice of perfection that sounds like it and it alone can soundtrack a season of Stranger Things. 

Yes, it's got a massive 1980s electro vibe with lots of atmospheric thick synths backed up with airy elements that can send you even higher into the stratosphere. What makes this single even more special is that it's instrumental, helping the listener truly immerse themselves into the track, and get's the full experience. 

It's warm, retro and has synths for days, if you're into relaxing electro music with some analogue effects then Toteles might just be the artist for you.