Z.A.M drops upbeat new single, "Who I Love"

Bursting right out of Australia is an exciting new singer-songwriter, going by the name Z.A.M he has recently dropped his catchy and upbeat new single, "Who I Love".

As you can imagine with most music coming out of the land down under, it's to a high level and right off the marks, we have a sun-kissed indie-pop track with dreamy vocals.

The song has a superb beat to it with some fuzzy guitars laced on top, reminding me of Darwin Deez a bit with its punchiness. The chorus is peak Z.A.M as it's fast-paced and showcases exactly what this new artist is all about.

With it being Z.A.M's second-ever track it looks like Triple J will be all over this, and his future music if he keeps on putting out amazing upbeat tracks such as "Who I Love".