Abductees return with "Paris With A Broken Heart" - their first single since 2019!

Abductees return with "Paris With A Broken Heart", the single marks their first release since the debut EP came out back in 2019 - so their fans have had a long time to wait for this.

The band is based out of Derby in the heart of England and came about as a break-up of a former band, Ando (vocals) started the project to help himself to keep on making music, and the result is an angular rockabilly sounding part-punk outfit.

Taking influences from 90s Grunge the new track has plenty of oomph to it, much like the grunge scene back in the 1990s. There are more guitar hooks than in a clothing shop and some sweet vocal melodies dashed for the casual listener to go from just that to a fan in the space of three or so minutes.

Abductees sounds like an interesting project, and "Paris With A Broken Heart" comes three or so years since the previous release. So enjoy this while you can because who knows when the next track will drop. But if it is a wait, feast upon the juicy tones this track has.