David Ost releases powerful new single, "Woodlands Drive"

Hamburg singer-songwriter David Ost has recently released his new single, "Woodlands Drive". The new cut is the first that the artist has released since he smashed past 150k plays on Spotify.

Indeed 2021 was a standout year for the singer as it saw him get plays not only on Spotify, but on German national radio, and German MTV too. There are lots of big names there that have supported his music so far, so the next step would be to release a big track next, well that's exactly what "Woodlands Drive" is.

His voice is the biggest thing this track has to offer, and with it being backed up by hush backing vocals and delicate guitars in the intro you'd be forgiven thinking it'll be like this for the full duration. Well now, once the track comes alive in the final 90 seconds the listener is welcomed with strings and even bigger production.

David Ost has made a track that lives up to his hype, and if the next batch of songs is anything like this then he will easily be a household name! The new song is lifted from his forthcoming 2022 (as yet untitled) debut EP, but you can listen to his back catalogue on Spotify, as well as the new cut down below.