Fintan McKahey returns with sensational new single, "Amber"

One of Ireland's rising acts is singer-songwriter Fintan McKahey, and he has returned with his sensational new single, "Amber". The new cut leads right off his 2021 single "Lost Balloons" and is one of his most warming songs to date. 

I said a moment ago that Fintan is a rising act, but as far as I'm concerned he has truly risen and is really to be taken with warm embrace with anyone who has great taste in music.

"Amber" showcases his vocal talents, with his main vocal hooks being emotional and warming, yet ever so inviting. They're backed up with more sombre vocals that help to add ambience to proceedings.

The Americana tinted guitars and the subtle tinkling of piano keys are two of the best instrumental elements in this track, be sure to keep an ear out for them as for me it's what helps make "Amber" what it is.

One complaint would be that I feel like it's too short, I can easily imagine a six-minute version of this song winning over every single person at the Cambridge Folk Festival. Previously we compared his to Ben Howard, however, based on this track I think we need to switch it up and compare Ben Howard to him now as Fintan has got so much better.

It's a delicate track that takes you on an emotional ride, this is one that you'll be certain to listen to for many years to come.