Go the Rodeo return with their vibrant new single "Chasing Shadows"

Johannesburg's duo Go the Rodeo have returned with their vibrant new single "Chasing Shadows" which acts as their first single since 2020's "Dowe Ore". It continues on from their debut album with the anthemic synths reaching new levels, and plenty of 80s electronic vibes added in to bring in fans from all generations.

Speaking about the song the band mentions - " ... "Chasing Shadows" was born from a desire to reproduce the classic sounds of the eighties, and bring Go the Rodeo's sound into those spheres. The lyrics revolve around the insecurities of being alone, and the fear of feeling incomplete when you don't find the correct person."

The band have been working closely with German publisher FBP Publishing since they signed with them, and this is the first fruit of their labour. As mentioned it's a synth-pop cut that sounds like it's been lifted right out of the mid-80s. The vocals are stadium ready and have lyrics that will get any pop fan singing them back in no time.

"Chasing Shadows" is a great track for you to get introduced to the band with, and with their retro-looking neon tinted video out too there's certainly going to be played a lot in the coming months, I'm sure of it.