Rowe reveal soaring new track, "Apple"

After releasing a string of singles and an EP called "Neptune" since 2018, Rowe has returned with her first slice of new music this year, and what an entry! She's had well over 10k streams on her music so far, and with playlisting from BBC Introducing she's just getting started it seems.

"Apple" is the new single and as we press play within the first second or so you can easily tell that this is going to be a memorable five minutes of your life.

The warm guitars welcome you in with a glowing amount of reverb over them and the vocals, and speaking of the vocals they can make anyone's hair stand on end - they're emotive and angelic at the same time. As the track moves on it evolves and adds depth with every minute that passes, the crisp and tender drum fills work perfectly with the warm and breezy horn section - if you close your eyes you will almost be certain to imagine that you're by the beach on a summer day.

There is no doubt about Rowe's vocal capabilities, and if she keeps on releasing music such as this then within the next two or so years she will be headlining venues all over the UK, and who knows, Europe too!