S e r é n a t e unveils the dreamy new cut, "Spaceboy"

S e r é n a t e  is a solo project of Diego Alonso, and he has recently unveiled the ethereal and dreamy new cut, "Spaceboy", which follows on from his biggest single to date "now you've got to love".

If I'm being totally honest, the Latin America region of the world is not a place I would think of being a hub for amazing dream-pop, but here we are! Most of his Spotify fans come from The UK, Spain and the USA, but with expansive music and chilled out beats like this there are lots to like about his music.

"Spaceboy" is one of those chillout anthems with plenty of ethereal elements that elevate the listener onto cloud 9. The almost Grimes-eque sounding vocals add to the whole vibe S e r é n a t e has created, and no wonder with every release he is getting more plays and more followers, he's one of the leading artists coming out of Mexico by the sounds of it.

All together S e r é n a t e sounds like he could be not just a massive artist in his native Mexico, but the whole world. Just click play and sink into a daydream with this dreamy pop wonder.