Nick Kandler shares captivating debut single, "STAY"

Californian Nick Kandler has recently released his captivating debut single, "STAY". The first single from the Los Angeles resident is one that will have you hitting the play button once more as soon as it's over.
...  "STAY" sounds like he's going into anthemic pop music!

The new track may be his first official single, but it's not his first release - that goes to his demo "Closure". It's great to hear demos and early work sometimes as it can give you an insight into the direction that the musician is going in, and with "STAY" it sounds like he's going into anthemic pop music!

The single was recorded and produced by Nick in his home studio which just adds to the whole experience. Now the song, there are some grunge style guitar elements opening the song up with his slight rock sounding vocals ensuring that you'll be hooked in. 

Speaking about the single Nick mentions - " ... "Stay" represents the trials and tribulations of a toxic relationship and exemplifies how a bad situation can still keep you yearning for more."

His influences range from Kanye West to Harry Styles with Tame Impala getting a mention in the press release. For me, it sounds like he's listened to a lot of Pop-Punk in the early 2000s mixed in with airy pop hooks found in Harry Styles' work.

Be sure to follow him on the socials as he's due to drop more tunes this year!