Nicole Dash Jones releases retro tinted new cut, "Deeper"

Hailing from London we have Nicole Dash Jones and the singer has recently released her retro tinted new cut, "Deeper". The single is her second-ever studio track and follows on from her storming debut single, "Lego". 

Since she's started releasing music she's been picked up by BBC Introducing and several large Spotify playlists too, all helping her to reach new audiences every week. So, "Deeper" is her new cut and it sounds like it was produced by the best people that the 1980s has to offer, it's a powerful electro-pop track with lots of anthemic elements that helps it pound on forwards hooking you in.

Speaking about the release Nicole mentions - "I consider the record a homage to the transience of love and a tribute to holding on to the feeling of what’s been lost over time whilst desperately trying to salvage my identity. I was overwhelmed by thoughts of the other person's mortality, but I also found fleeting beauty in carrying their weight of sadness in order to rescue myself at the time with which came a profound elate happy/sadness. This track is about these two different sides to different sides of love, almost an evacuation of the weight on my spirit and at the core love coming together to save us both."

The chorus is where "Deeper" comes alive and you can hear her dreamy vocals reaching for the upper atmosphere. With now two tracks out now in the world it sounds like she's here to stay, and my my we're glad to have Nicole's music in our ears. 

The single will also be backed up with an alternative 'piano/vocal' version (demo if you will) later on this Spring, so be sure to keep an ear out for that!