Rauly unveils vibrant new cut, "Thinkin Bout It"

Rauly has recently dropped his first-ever self-produced single, "Thinkin Bout It", which is also his third release to date. The Californian resident has been performing since a very early age, and as such he has narrowed down his genre to the fine elements. 

"Thinkin Bout It" in a way acts as the first time that Rauly has embraced his talents fully and has produced a track that has lots of appeal. There are elements here that have some serious danceability, combined with his vibrant vocal tones and sun-kissed hooks the track gives the listener something to smile to.

His blend of Indie-Pop, Acoustic guitars and RnB beats is one that we can't get enough of, he's already got a new fan in us, so why not head down below to fall in love with his slick new bop.