If you've not heard of The K’s then frankly where have you been! The Merseyside quartet comprising Jamie Boyle vocals/guitar, Ryan Bresling guitar, Dexter Baker bass and Jordan Holden on the drums have become omnipresent on the indie music scene, playing in venues up and down the UK on their Independent Music Week tour, regularly playing on This Feeling stages and pitching up at most festivals including Neighbourhood Festival and Isle Of Wight Festival post-lockdown in 2021.

Ahead of the new single release ”Hometown” on 22 April 2022 It’s All Indie spoke to Jamie, Ryan and Dexter to get some insight into what life’s like in The K’s.

                                   Press Shot provided by SJM Concerts PR

Let’s go back to pre-pandemic 2020, what were your plans when it all stopped?

We’d just finished the headline tour in March 22, our last date was the 14th and lockdown started on 16th so we were lucky we’d just squeezed that tour in. We had a few deals on the table & things like that, loads of doors opening up for us which obviously just got pulled from under our feet as soon as the pandemic hit and we’re just getting back to our feet now which is good. It was like everything we’d worked for, and we were just about to reap the rewards for, got taken away from us.

Were you thinking hey 2020 this is going be our year?

Yeah, well it definitely was our year, we were ready to take it with both hands. We had deals on the table for various record labels & things like that and yeah it didn’t go to plan but it’s all worked out in the end.

So what’s going on for you now. The festival dates are getting announced now. I know you’ve already done the Independent Venue Tour this year but what’s the diary looking like from now on?

We go back out on tour on 28 April 22 and it’s a big tour and then we start the festival season. Can't wait!

That first date of the tour’s at St Luke’s Glasgow isn’t it? Have you been there before?

No but we’ve seen videos it’s like an old church isn’t it?

Yeah stained glass window and a pulpit, fantastic venue with loads of atmosphere. And your London show at Omeara is another great venue with a real arty feel about it.

The big news is that on the 22 April we have a new single coming out called “Hometown” and we’re really excited about it. I think it’s fair to say all four of us in the band would say it’s our best song without a doubt.

Where did you record the single and why do you feel that Hometown is your best single so far?

At The Lounge in Wigan with Gaz (Gareth Nuttall). We’ve done 90% of our songs there all except Aurora. I think it replicates a lot of what we’re about. It’s raw with a good riff. It’s upbeat. It’s one for all the lads to sing. It’s relatable to normal lads like ourselves. It encapsulates us as well , it’s got the energy from start to finish.

I’ve seen some really good shows of yours and it feels like the audience is part of your band, they feel you belong to them and they’re part of your story.

We feed off the crowd and the crowd feeds off us. That’s why there’s so much energy at the live shows, everyone there seems to have such a good time. The age varies from really young to quite old even with nans and grandads. The main demographic is young lads our age and they have a mad time.

Can you share anything about festivals at the moment?

DCODE Festival in Madrid,  Victorious, Reading & Leeds, The Great Escape, supporting James in Madrid and Barcelona. Loads more to announce too.

How did the James connection happen?

We’ve played with them before and they seem to really like us and we like them. It’s a good mix. We supported them at Scarborough the first time & Margate. It’s amazing. Margate was one of our favourite places.

Have you got like an ultimate venue dream of where you want to play one day?

Jamie: I’d play St James Park but that’s because I’m a Newcastle fan I’d love to have my own show there.

Dexter: I’d like the cricket club or Bolton Club in Newton-Le-Willows where we live. We’d have a massive Woodstock vibe, a massive show for all the people of Earlestown with us headlining.

Thinking about current artists around at the moment who are you listening to?

Quite an array Gang of Youths (new album is great), and Fontaines DC are a couple of bands we play at the moment but there are loads more.

If a famous musician or a famous band was to say “my favourite band is The K’s” who would you like that to be?

That’s a good question, David Bowie cos I idolised him growing up, can you imagine Bowie saying we were his favourite band, unreal! Keith Richards and Dave Grohl too, if he was to say that you’re a good band that would mean something.

Any artist/band you’d like to collaborate with?

Yeah, Bad Boy Chiller Crew. And Jade Bird, Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus (her live shows are phenomenal).

If someone hasn’t seen you, what 5 words would describe a K’s gig.

Best band you’ve ever seen, or (in 3 words) absolute fucking ball!!

 And we finished there with Jamie, Ryan and Dexter also wanting to send love to Jordan who wasn’t with them.

Live music photos by Rhona Murphy