gloomy june return with upbeat new cut, "This Party Is A Warzone"

San Francisco's gloomy june has returned with their third-ever single, "This Party Is A Warzone", which continues on their vibrant indie-pop sound from their debut "Save Anyone" and the recently released "Always Gonna Let You Down".

"This Party Is A Warzone" sounds like a festival-ready Indie-Pop tune that'll be sure to get you jumping up and down!

The single preludes their debut EP "Popsick" (out on the 2nd of June) and their Southwest US tour which starts a day earlier on the 1st of June (full tour dates can be found on their socials).

Considering that the band is already out on tour is a testament to their releases to date, and I'm sure "This Party Is A Warzone" is going to be one of their biggest hits - possibly ever. The reason being is lyrics that sound like they can be shouted back at them on a huge festival stage, vibrant and upbeat guitar riffs all backed up with bouncy drum fills and thick basslines.

It's a real thrill to hear a track before its released - written the day before this single dropped - and I can't wait for the Indie-Pop fan in you to give this a spin as it sounds like gloomy june are going to be a big thing in the South West of the USA. Who knows what next, but to find out you need to give them a follow on the socials so you don't miss out!