Jack Goldstein drops huge new single "((((((SAILIN))))))"

Released Friday just gone via Beanie Tapes was Jack Goldstein's first single from his debut solo album "the 🌍 is ending and i ❤️ u". "((((((SAILIN))))))" is that track and is a four-minute hyper-pop anthem for the modern times.

"((((((SAILIN))))))" has lots of distortion over the vocals, guitars and even drum patterns, it's an effect-laden slice of joy. After a decade of being in various music projects - with the highlight of mine being Fixers - it's so refreshing to see Jack go on his own and drop something flipping huge.

He's left his former scene of Oxford and now is representing the emerging scene in Kent with something that'll be slipping into playlists all over the internet. We gave this lots of spins before hitting 'post' on the review and every time it gets better and better, so come on down and listen to one of the best hyper-pop tunes the UK has to offer.

Pre-order his album by clicking here, and you'll get a Bandcamp exclusive track "across the water" which isn't yet on Spotify!