Laken Lambson reveals dreamy new tune, "Bored"

Hailing out of Provo, Utah we have Laken Lambson with her angelic new pop tune "Bored". The new cut is her first song since 2020's "Game" and what a return it is - and already the track has found it's way into a handful of the finest medoum size playlists.

Instantly you're warmed to her song as Laken's vocals are so welcoming, much like a warm blanket on a rainy day after a walk. Her vocals remind me of Au/ra's as they're soft and angelic but they grip you from the first word.

Musically the instrumentation is simplistic, but it doesn't over-power her voice, which is the highlight for me. However, the vibrant licks of guitars mixed in with organic drum samples is a delight as it brings the track down to earth, and that's what I'd say "Bored" is, a down to earth dream-pop slice of joy.