LIENNE drops her phenomenal video for "My Myself and I"

Rising German singer-songwriter LIENNE has very recently released the beautiful video for her latest single, "Me Myself and I". I have to admit this from the start, based on her vocal performance here I assumed she already had Spotify stats well into the millions, but in just about two years she's managed to gain well over 300k plays on the platform.

"Me Myself and I" as mentioned has a strong vocal performance, with the range of the song going from soft and brooding right up to the atmospheric highs that even Adele and Lana Del Rey can achieve - and yes I'm putting her in with those other vocalists, she's phenomenal.

Musically it's cinematic, with lots of strings to help bring in the moody atmosphere and add in the subtle guitars and basslines and this song is a 'ready to go hit'. It's so emotional and raw, just hurry up and give it a play - and be sure to give the video a watch too.