Mackenzie Day reveals her soaring single, "My Psychic Said"

At the start of the month, Mackenzie Day released her new tune, "My Psychic Said", which is her second release of the year. With well over 100k plays on Spotify, it sounds like Day is looking to break out of the Boston music scene and into the rest of the USA.

It's so easy sometimes to compare artists to one another, but the grand sound of "My Psychic Said" mixed in with her soaring vocals reminds me of a mix of Lana Del Rey and the sort of sound you hear opening up a James Bond movie, just huge.

The single also acts as the lead single from her upcoming sophomore album and while speaking about the track she said "This song is a symbol of my growth and surprising myself. Sometimes what we think will be forever won't be, but it's okay to change your mind." - So head on down and stream the track now!