Moonpools release dreamy new song, "Damaged Goods"

Released just over a week ago Moonpools are back with the first track since their stunning debut 2019 EP "Turbulent Times". The single came out on the 18th of May and since then has risen to the top of their most 'popular' songs on Spotify, with the track even being picked up by a Spotify Editorial playlist too!

Being based out of Basel in Switzerland this has not meant that it's stunted them at all, if anything it means they're one of the best new bands in the country - and based off of "Damaged Goods" I honestly can see that.

The song is a bright and upbeat dream-pop track with lots of washed-out and hazy guitar tones backed up with some dreamy vocals. The amount of synths on the single is perfectly balanced helping to give it that sheen that gives off those summer vibes. Charming Dream-Pop at its finest, so head on down below to check out the music video.